Musées, frontières et responsabilité européenne – 100 ans après la Première Guerre Mondiale

Koblenz, Allemagne
Conférence annuelle ICOM Europe / 23-25 novembre 2018

November marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. ICOM EUROPE, together with ICOM Germany, takes this important event as an opportunity to reflect anew on the extent to which this historical dimension had consequences for the museum landscape and to what extent the united Europe of today itself is in demand to actively position itself. Social responsibility and awareness of democracy are essential factors that promote free sciences and art, but at the same time also allow scope for the establishment of museums and their contexts. The developments within the museum as an institution have undergone enormous processes of change, especially in the last decades, in which not least the questions about the contents, the history of the collection and the currently held debates have been and will be challenged. In the context of progressive digitization, once again huge transformations are coming to the institution. This is why during this conference we want to reflect to what extent museums, borders (former as well as new) and European responsibility could be key concepts, questioning, exploring and transposing this historical dimension from the end of the First World War to current processes and issues.



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