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Actes de la réunion générale 2019 du comité CIMCIM

Ces actes ont été produits dans le cadre de la 25e conférence générale de l'ICOM et de la 59e conférence annuelle du CIMCIM, 1-7 septembre 2019, Kyoto, Japon


Retrouvez l'intégralité des actes de la réunion générale 2019 de l'ICOM-CIMCIM 

Sommaire : 

  • Ten Years of MIMO – A critical review of a worldwide musical instrument resource for research, promotion, and education, Frank P. Bär and Rodolphe Bailly
  • Exhibiting Sámi Music Tradition Verena Barth 30 The Role of Education in the Development of Musical Culture in Azerbaijan, and Music Museum’s Contribution to Education, Alla Bayramova
  • Education through Engagement: Sounding the world at the Horniman Museum; Margaret Birley
  • Material or Immaterial? A questionnaire to help decisions about the preservation of musical instruments Vera de Bruyn-Ouboter
  • Small Musical Instrument Museums in The Netherlands: Collaboration, a must for future survival, Jurn Buisman
  • Interpreting the Music of the Early Shu Kingdoms Based on Artefacts in Two Chengdu Museums, Stewart Carter
  • Music Socials: Creating meaningful experiences for people with dementia Sarah Deters 59 Sound as a Catalyst for a New Breed of Exhibition, Jascha Dormann
  • Musical Instruments as Educators, Manu Frederickx
  • Piano Rolls as Sources for Interpretation Research, Heike Fricke
  • Academic Education in Museums – The Leipzig Collection as a hub for organology, Sebastian Kirsch
  • Education at The Bate Collection, University of Oxford: Past, present and future, Alice Little
  • Russian National Museum of Music and the Russian National Education System. Collaboration experience, Daria Melnichenko
  • Georges Ouedraogo Music Museum: Showcase of the aspirations of a people, Moctar Sanfo
  • Joint Educational Programs with Other Organisations for Children through Music and Musical Instruments, Kazuhiko Shima
  • “Ongoma Ohayi Hokelwa Pondjila”: Making the Museum of Namibian Music, Jeremy Silvester
  • Documenting The Rijksmuseum’s Musical Instrument Collection, Giovanni Paolo di Stefano and Maarten Heerlin
  • The V&A’s Musical Instruments Collection: New challenges in a multi-sensory museum, Eric de Visscher
  • The Significance of Traditional Japanese Music Education at a Musical Instruments Museum, Mayumi Wakiya

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